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Review of Ovid 2

Review of Ovid 2 - turned into frogs Marsyas vs Apollo...

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Ovid’s Books VI- X (unfortunate love) * meaning titles that have to do with a common theme of love that is either misplaced or turns out badly. Book VI: Arachne vs. Minerva Arachne claimed greater fame than Minerva in weaving, so Minerva came to test the girl. They had a challenge and both wove beautiful tapestries but Arachne probably won. “Not even Pallas, even Jealousy, could find a flaw in that girl’s artistry;” this phrase shows how beautiful that tapestry must have been. After Minerva tore it apart Arachne hung herself; taking pity on the girl Minerva turned her into a spider who weaves forever more. Niobe vs. Latona Latona is the mother of Apollo and Diana; when Niobe claimed she was better than Latona, all her children were killed by the twins, and their mother cried herself into a rock. Latona vs. The Lycian Peasants The Lycians refused Latona a drink of water, which was a bad idea because they were
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Unformatted text preview: turned into frogs. Marsyas vs. Apollo Marsyas played the flute better was flayed alive and turned into a spring-lesson don’t be better at things- or at least boast of being the better- than gods because they will make you pay for your statements. *Tereus, Procne, Philomela Tereus is a barabian who marries Procne but falls in love with her sister Philomela. So he takes Philomela away to visit her sister, then locks her up in a hut, rapes her, and cuts out her tongues. Procne thinks Philomela is dead and mourns. Philomela gets a message out to her sister who helps her escape. They kill Tereus and Procne’s son and feed it to the father, when he finds out he chases them. They are turned into birds- especially Tereus who is noted as the Hoopoe....
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Review of Ovid 2 - turned into frogs Marsyas vs Apollo...

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