Review of Ovid 3

Review of Ovid 3 - Myrmidons is told Juno sent a plague...

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Book VII(I): *Medea Medea was doomed to have a sad tale, she was a foreigner and a witch, who cared really only about herself. She helped Jason fight the killer bulls and plow the field with snake’s teeth. She rejuvenates his father, while convincing Pelias’ daughters to kill their father in hopes of healing his broken body. Her fleeing gives Ovid a chance to tell a few small metamorphoses stories on the side. When she returns home, Medea has her hands full. She has to plot her revenge against Jason for trying to replace her as his wife. She kills the bride and her two children. She then flees and marries Aegus. When Aegus’ son Theseus visits him, Medea tries to kill him, but fails and has to fly off again. Everyone else is happy that Teseus is back because Minos is planning a war. The Myrmidons Cephalus is sent to the Aegina’s walls to ask for assistance against Minos and when he finds that many people seem to have disappeared and been replaced by others , the story of the
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Unformatted text preview: Myrmidons is told. Juno sent a plague that devastated Aegina but Aecus( the king there) cried out to Jove to save his people. So the ants on an oak sacred to Jove grew into humans to replace those who died. *Cephalus and Procis Cephalus has his own sad story, he was married to Procis and they both loved each other greatly. But the goddess Aurora loved Cephalus too and convinced him that his wife was probably unfaithful so he became disguised and tried to push Procis into infidelity. But when she discovered his deceit she fled, but later she forgave him and came back. But then Procis thought Cephalus was cheating(again aurora was to blame for this misinformation); so she followed him one day while he was on the hunt and he mistook her for his prey and threw the very same javelin into her that she gave him as a present....
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Review of Ovid 3 - Myrmidons is told Juno sent a plague...

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