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Anth. 147 Notes

Anth. 147 Notes - Holism Cultural relativism Personalistic...

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Exam #1 Review Sheet This review sheet is a GUIDE. It is not comprehensive. It is meant to assist you by providing key terms and concepts that you should use to orient yourself when studying. Material from lectures, readings, and films is all fair game for exam questions. The format for exam questions will be: short answer, matching, and essay . Please come to your exam review session (during recitation) having reviewed this sheet, the readings, and your notes. You are welcome to ask questions about course material that is or is not on this sheet. The review session will not have a pre-determined format: it will be your opportunity to discuss issues, clarify ideas, etc. *********************************************************************** Key Terms and Concepts : Health Illness Disease Sickness Brown’s 5 basic approaches of Medical Anthropology (MA)
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Unformatted text preview: Holism Cultural relativism Personalistic systems Naturalistic systems Nocebo Placebo Folk illness Pattern vs. disease Social construction Stigma Patient career Sick role Critical MA Anthropological Methods Explanatory models (EMs) Fuctionalism Symbolic anthropology Illness narratives Sociocultural malnutrition Anthropology and public policy Medical pluralism Etiological beliefs Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Biomedicine Professionalization Ethnomedicine Case Studies/Examples : Yoga Traditional Chinese Medicine Susto Hot/cold etiological system Alcoholism & Puerto Rican men Sri Lankan case of clean water campaign against diarrheal diseases Sacred Healing in Mexico Leprosy across cultures Evans-Pritchard’s work on witchcraft among the Azande Pigg’s work on Shamanism in Nepal...
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