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13 April 2007 2. Lindquist focuses on the ways in which diagnosis and healing involve linguistic practices such as giving a name and definition to one’s experience of suffering. Drawing on one example from the text, describe how this occurs and the changes that ensue for the patient. Lindquist records one example where a woman was diagnosed with kinship curse by Tatiana. The woman has no energy for life and Tatiana questions her love for her husband and her past love life. Tatiana finds out that there must be a kinship curse which was caused by her mother (60). It is crucially important to label the woman’s condition for two reasons. By having a name, Tatiana, the magi, can accurately focus her energy in a certain way to attempt to help the curse go away or to explain to the patient that it may beyond any one’s ability to cure her (61). A key point is made in the book by saying that these healers are not omnipotent but by labeling the problem as a kinship curse, Tatiana is able to express more legitimate power. It can also be said
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Unformatted text preview: that by having a kinship curse, the woman can more accurately try to determine the source of her problem, most likely her ancestry, even though it can not be fixed. The unfortunate aspect of this example and this type of diagnosis is that nothing the woman does can help her and the very fact of the label given by the magi as a kinship curse reveals this (61). According to Tatiana, since it seems that the womans soul is dead, nothing can reverse these ill effects regain her soul and mind back into a state of happiness and liveliness. The fact that she places causation of the curse with the mother, Tatiana has become a moral arbiter, one who tries to down play the overall graveness of the condition without placing blame on the victim herself (62) Lindquist, Galina. Conjuring Hope: Healing and Magic in Contemporary Russia . Berghahn Books: New York and Oxford, 2006....
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