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ANTH 147 Reading Response Questions Week #1 Brown, Chs 1, 12, 13 (articles by Brown, Foster, and Finkler) Due at the beginning of Recitation Section. Please include full bibliographic references at the end of your essay (citing the article, book it is in, and page numbers.) Example: Foster, George M. “Disease Etiologies in Non-Western Medical Systems” in Brown, Peter J., ed. Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology , New York: Mayfield Publishing Company, pp. 110-117. Your essay response should be 250 words, typed, double-spaced. Spell-check and proof- read before handing it in to your TA. Be sure to include your full name and section number. Section(s) Question(s) 604 Peter Brown introduces the distinction between sickness, disease, and illness in explaining the topics of medical anthropological inquiry (p.11). Define these three
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Unformatted text preview: concepts and give examples illustrating at least 2 of them from your readings this week. 601 Drawing on Finklers article, please explain the logical connection between etiologic theories and therapeutic practices. Give 2 examples from the readings. 602, 605 Are personalistic ethnomedical systems kinder to the victim of disease than naturalistic systems? How do social relationships, blame, and responsibility figure into these 2 types of ethnomedical systems? 603 In what ways does Fosters naturalistic-personalistic typology fit the comparison of biomedicine and Spiritualism? Are there ways it doesnt work? 606 What does the Finkler mean when she claims that biomedicine relies on the placebo affect? Try to draw on at least 2 of this weeks articles when composing your answer....
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