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Week 3 RR 3

Week 3 RR 3 - 602 605 2 The concept of cultural relativism...

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ANTH 147 Reading Response Questions Week #3 Due at the beginning of Recitation Section. Please include full bibliographic references at the end of your essay (citing the article, book it is in, and page numbers.) Example: Foster, George M. “Disease Etiologies in Non-Western Medical Systems” in Brown, Peter J., ed. Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology , New York: Mayfield Publishing Company, pp. 110-117. Your essay response should be 250 words, typed, double-spaced. Spell-check and proof- read before handing it in to your TA. Be sure to include your full name and section no. Sections Questions 601, 604 1. Waxler’s subtitle incorporates the phrase, “the social construction of illness.” Drawing on examples from at least 2 of this week’s readings, explain what this phrase means and how illness may be affected by social and cultural factors.
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Unformatted text preview: 602, 605 2. The concept of cultural relativism is a key principle in anthropology. At the same time, authors apply this principle in different ways, depending on the subject of their research and the kinds of issues that arise in the field. In what ways do you think Waxler and Brown use this idea? How does it help them make their argument about leprosy and shamanism? 603, 606 3. Singer et.al demonstrate the approach known as Critical Medical Anthropology in their analysis of one Puerto Rican man’s problem drinking and ultimate death. What are their findings regarding Juan Guarcia’s drinking? How and why do they see it as more than a “personal problem”? Can you think of other examples (from readings, lectures, your own knowledge or experience) in which ethnicity, culture, and/or political-economic conditions contribute to someone’s suffering?...
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