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ANTH 147—Questions on the week’s reading, Week 4 Questions 1. Dettwyler discusses the problem of ‘sociocultural malnutrition.’ Explain what this is and the factors that contribute to it in Mali. How does Dettwyler’s approach demonstrate the interactions between biology and culture? What is her finding about household economic considerations and malnutrition in Mali? 2. In “Saving the Children for the Tobacco Industry,” authors Mark Nichter and Elizabeth Cartwright demonstrate the contributions that medical anthropology can make to public health policy. Summarize their argument about US
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Unformatted text preview: government agendas in developing countries. Be sure to explore their criticism of the concept of “market justice” and the alternative “new critical paradigm of public health” that they propose. 3. Both articles from this week address the complexities involved in improving children’s health in developing countries. Summarize the arguments each article makes regarding the tasks facing policy planners, with reference to specific findings from each study. Do you find Nichter and Cartwright’s argument cynical? Provide a considered explanation regarding why or why not....
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