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ANTH 147 Reading Response Questions Week #5 Reading: Fadiman, Chapters 11-19 Due at the beginning of Recitation Section. Please include full bibliographic references at the end of your essay (citing the article, book it is in, and page numbers.) Example: Foster, George M. “Disease Etiologies in Non-Western Medical Systems” in Brown, Peter J., ed. Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology , New York: Mayfield Publishing Company, pp. 110-117. Your essay response should be 250 words, typed, double-spaced. Spell-check and proof- read before handing it in to your TA. Be sure to include your full name and section no. You may pick which question you want to answer. Questions 1. On p.187, Jonas Vangay provides the following description of how many Hmong experienced themselves in America: “In America, we are blind because even though we have eyes, we cannot see. We are deaf because even though we have ears, we cannot hear.” Explain what he meant by this with examples from the text. Then explain how
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Unformatted text preview: Lias doctors might also be described as being blind and deaf in relation to their Hmong patients family. 2. Fadiman draws on the insights of Arthur Kleinman to make sense of how biomedicine failed in the case of Lia Lee. She asserts (p. 265) that Neil and Peggy were excellent physicians, but by Kleinmans definition they were imperfect healers. Explain this comment. What kind of recommendations and models of care does Fadiman offer for addressing this contradiction? 3. At the end of Chapter 18, Bill and Sukey disagree over a key question at stake in this book: Which is more important, the life or the soul? Drawing on the text, explore why Bill and Sukey each answers the question as they do. How do their respective professional training/ specialities lead them to think about this question differently? How do you think Fadiman would answer this question? Why?...
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