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Test 2 Study Guide - Steam engine James Watt Technological...

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History 1112 Test 2 Study Guide Chapter 30 – Industrial Revolution Chapter 29 – Revolutions and National States in the Atlantic World Europe in the 18 th Century Revolutions : Paradigm shifts Population growth Social hierarchy Class Divisions Global War Salutary neglect King George III American Revolution Enlightened despotism The French Revolution Problems in France Louis XVI Marie Antoinette The Estates General National Assembly Tennis Court Oath Storming of the Bastille Great Fear August Decrees Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen Women’s March on Versailles the Constitution September Massacres National Convention Committee on Public Safety Maximillen Robespierre The Reign of Terror The Directory Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleonic Code Nationalism Napoleon’s Empire Building Waterloo Congress of Vienna The Industrial Revolution Agricultural revolution Foundations of the IR Cottage Industry / Putting out System
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Unformatted text preview: Steam engine James Watt Technological Innovations Transportation Canals Railroads Great Britain Second Industrial Revolution Industrial Society Som Karl Marx Bourgeoisie proletariat Essential Questions: What types of transitions and changes were taking place during the 18 th century in Europe? How did these changes affect European society and bring about more change as a result? (political revolutions, relationships between ruler and subjects) Why did rulers during the 18 th century practice enlightened despotism? Why did the American Revolution take place and how did it impact the outbreak of the French Revolution? A myriad of factors contributed to the outbreak of the French Revolution. What were they? What factors led to the Industrial Revolution? What kind of impact did the Industrial Revolution have on European Society?...
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