Chapter 40 Animal Features

Chapter 40 Animal Features - BIOL 2108 Biological...

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BIOL 2108 Biological Principles II – Fall 2009 Campbell & Reece Chapter 40: Principles of Animal Form and Function Concept: Limits on Body Size are related to Surface to Volume Ratio in organisms without specialized organs and organ systems. Additional Resources: ; In today’s session you will review: The major features of animals The levels of organization of animals How body size and shape are related to diffusion rates and maximum growth You will need a calculator for this activity. Work in small groups. At the end of each activity, share your results with the rest of the class. 1. Working in groups of 3, list the major characteristics of animals. Identify features that are unique to animals, shared with plants, and shared with protists. Your mentor will list your answers on the whiteboard. Features of Animals Unique to Animal Kingdom Shared with Plant Kingdom Shared with Protists Group 2. Although all animals, like plants, are multicellular, they do not all have the same level of cellular organization. There are 4 levels of organization in animals. Working in groups of 3, list them in order from least to most complex (page 855 in your textbook). Hierarchy of Organization Definition Example
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Match each of the organ systems below with their function, give an example of at least one organ in each system: 1. Circulatory _________________ 2. Digestive __________________ 3. Endocrine __________________ 4. Excretory __________________ 5. Nervous ___________________ 6. Reproductive _______________ 7. Respiratory _________________ 8. Lymphatic _________________ 9. Integumentary ______________ 10. Skeletal ____________________
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Chapter 40 Animal Features - BIOL 2108 Biological...

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