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Instructions for SI - Be sure to include the Proportion of...

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BIOL 2108 Supplemental Instruction Biological Principles II – Fall 2009 Chapter 23: Evolution of Populations Study Tools: Online Tutorial and White-striped Clover Case Study Review Meiosis: BioFlix Video Clip – Watch for the 3 sources of variation related to sexual reproduction (recombination, random assortment, random fertilization) Part I Class Discussion: Modes of Speciation Tutorial ( http://wps.prenhall.com/esm_freeman_biosci_1/0,6452,499573-,00.html ). You will work through this tutorial in your SI section as a group. In preparation, review Figure 23.13 in your Campbell Text and read the section on Directional, Disruptive, and Stabilizing Selection (pgs. 480-481). Your Peer Leader will walk you through the Adobe Shockwave Tutorial online, which includes a pre- and post-quiz. During the post-quiz, sketch a graph showing the mode of selection.
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Unformatted text preview: Be sure to include the Proportion of Population on the Y-axis, the Trait Being Measured on the X-axis (for example, resistance to antibiotics, or size of gall), the initial bell curve and the shift in curve after selection has occurred. Part II Small Group Work: This White-striped Clover Case Study was assigned by Dr. Leege. I’ve put a copy of the PDF on GeorgiaVIEW; it’s the same case study found on Dr. Leege’s webpage. Before your SI section meets, you should have already read the case study and completed Exercises 1-3 on your own. You will do Exercises 8-10 in your lecture section. In SI, you will complete Exercises 4-7 in small groups (2-4 students per group, depending on class size). Please be sure to bring a copy of the case study with you to SI....
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