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MIS140-ArticleSummaries#3 - goal will actually be met...

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Jaclyn Rohner MIS 140 TTh 1:30 May 12, 2011 Article Summaries #3 Article #1- “Microsoft to Buy Skype for Pricey $8.5 Billion” (reuters.com) This article discusses Microsoft buying Skype and outbidding Google and Facebook in order to do so. Microsoft worked so hard to buy Skype in order to bring more customers to their business. Skype is actually losing money, however, Microsoft still feels Skype is the advantage they need to gain more customers. XBox and Outlook are two ways Skype would benefit Mi- crosoft. There is controversy over Microsoft’s decision to purchase it because most people are saying $8.5 billion is way too much money compared to the expected gain. This article relates to class because Microsoft is looking for new ways to stay ahead of competition. They are attempting the competitive advantage, however, only time will tell if that
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Unformatted text preview: goal will actually be met. Article #2 - “LifeFitness exercise bike interfaces with Nexus S, makes fitness marginally enjoy-able” (engadget.com) This article is about a phone and fitness bike working together via USB to create a game out of working out. The way it works is when you pedal faster, the little guy goes higher, and when you pedal slower he goes lower. There are obstacles that you need to either pedal faster or slower so your player does not hit them. This is only a demo so far and is not currently available on the market for android phones. This article relates to class because it is a great example of different technologies working together to produce a whole new kind of technology. Now, people can play video games even while they are working out....
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