PHL230-Midterm - Jaclyn Rohner PHL 230 - Richard Elmore May...

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What are you eating? Every living thing needs to consume nutrients in order to survive; that is an obvious fact. However, it seems that we are at a point in life where there is controversy about whether or not the nutrients are worth the other risks when consuming food. Unfortunately, most people do not even know where their food comes from or how it is prepared. People are unaware of the health risks involved. Even eating “healthy” is questionable, depending on where the consumer gets the food from. Most people think that if they buy from the produce section, they are eating “better” food; however, produce can be just as bad as other junk food in the same store. After the Second World War, there was a “sudden rise and prodigious growth of an industry for the production of man-made or synthetic chemicals with insecticidal properties” (16). After WWII, all of the soldiers were coming back home and, as a result, people started having more children. The food industry needed to increase food production to keep up with the growing populations. One way to increase food production is to kill anything that is eating the crops, such as insects and pests. Synthetic pesticides are pesticides that are man-made. They differ from non-synthetic pesticides mostly in the fact that synthetic pesticides are a lot more potent than non-synthetic.
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PHL230-Midterm - Jaclyn Rohner PHL 230 - Richard Elmore May...

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