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Syllabus_-Spring 2011 - MKT 376 Effective Business...

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MKT 376 Effective Business Communications Syllabus – Spring 2011 Instructor Stuart Vass Email: [email protected] Cell: 312-622-5935 Office Hours : By appointment Required Texts and Materials Whalen, D. Joel, Professional Communications Toolkit , Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2006 DISC on Disk on the Web , Performance Enhancement, David Drehmer, Ph.D. Paid for online. Go to Sales Leadership Program The Sales Leadership Program is a special set of courses for those students interested in developing sales skills or pursuing a career in sales. Courses in the series are: Effective Business Communications (MKT 376) Fundamentals of Sales and Networking (MKT 377) Sales Strategy and Technology (MKT 378) Leadership in Sales Organizations (MKT 379) Targeting Retail Consumers (MKT 380) Building Financial Relationships (MKT 381) Principles of Category Management (MKT 382) Advanced Business Valuations (MKT 398) MKT 376 Effective Business Communications 1
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Cases in Category Management (MKT 398) pre-req MKT 382 Students complete two required courses (MKT 376 and MKT 377) and then choose two of the remaining seven to complete the Sales Leadership Concentration/Minor. For a special focus in category management, students are encouraged to complete MKT 380 Targeting Retail Consumers, MKT 382 Principles of Category Management and MKT 398 Cases in Category Management. For additional information on the program, please see the postings under the Sales Leadership Program section of Blackboard for this course, speak with your instructor directly or visit the website at . Course Objectives This course is designed to expand the participant’s communication skills through application of the principles of communication science and the psychology of persuasion in a contemporary business setting. Students learn and practice techniques in oral and written communication, both as individuals, and as team members. Students are shown how to develop successful communication and message packaging strategies useful in a variety of communication venues including memos, meetings, briefings, interviews and individual and team presentations. Oral presentation and written communication techniques are explored including use of visuals, computer graphics and layout techniques. The mechanisms of Speech Apprehension (stage fright) are presented, as well as techniques for management and reduction of this common, debilitating phenomenon. Personal ethics and credibility are explored as important components of effective communication. Formatting email Email message must follow class format: Unique Subject Line, Salutation, Motivation Sentence, Closing and teammates copied. Writing must be college level: grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Attaching Files
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Syllabus_-Spring 2011 - MKT 376 Effective Business...

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