PHL 230 Environmental Ethics (3-29-11)

PHL 230 Environmental Ethics (3-29-11) - 1PHL 230:...

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1 PHL 230: Environmental Ethics Instructor: Rick Elmore Office: Lewis 1637 Office Hours: W 2:00-3:00 Email: (Please put PHL 230 as the “subject” of all emails) Course Description : This course examines the question of ecological ethics. I say the “question” because one can hardly avoid questioning and debate when entering discussions of the environment. The debate over global climate change has been the most visible site of this contentiousness: the now tiresome quarrel over whether or not climate change is real or what should be done about it, has created an atmosphere in which one often acts as though such questions deny the possibility of answer. This impossibility of an answer might seem to equally extend to the question of animal rights, vegetarianism, sustainability, corporate responsibility, etc. Hence, we will trace the questions of ecological ethics by asking fundamental questions about humanities ability to affect the environment, the ability of science to help us understand our relationship to the environment, and the possibilities of establishing facts. We will be particularly interested in how the relationship between humans and other non-human life and the determination of what counts as life, affects the issue of environmental ethics, ecology, and
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PHL 230 Environmental Ethics (3-29-11) - 1PHL 230:...

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