Chapter 15 - Differential Reinforcement

Chapter 15 - Differential Reinforcement - maladaptive...

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Chapter 15: Differential Reinforcement Definition: refers to the reinforcement of a desirable response and at the same time extinction of an undesirable response by the same individual. Combining more than one reinforcement with the goal to reduce the problem behavior Can be used with extinction, reinforcement, and punishment Should be only used with the requirements are met: o You have identified a particular behavior that you want to reinforce o The behavior is at least occasionally occurring o When the desirable behavior is emitted you can reinforce it immediately Types of Differential Reinforcement DRO: Reinforcement is delivered for all other behaviors except the targeted
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Unformatted text preview: maladaptive behavior DRI: the behavior that is reinforced I the opposite of target behavior (a child cannot be fighting with another child and at the same time play cooperatively with the same child. By reinforcing the incompatible behavior, the target behavior is reduced/eliminated) DRA: Sometimes identifying an incompatible behavior can be difficult. This is used by identifying problem behavior and the desired behavior. DRL: Refers to the reinforcement of a lower rate of behavior, used in a Special Education classroom. Want to reduce the speed at which someone talks. All a combination of reinforcement and extinction....
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