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Jen Possanza English 302 Professor Masko December 6 th , 2010 Pedagogy Project Writing Program Structure I envision my classroom to be centered around the subject of writing. The district from my hometown focused on writing and the importance of it. Therefore, I plan on structuring my class by using writing skills in my classroom every day. My classroom will involve a writer’s workshop style where on designated days students should be focused on a particular writing skill. An example may be brainstorming or outlining, a writing day, a day where they can be writing or beginning stages of editing, revision groups and teacher conferences, and a writer’s circle day. A writer’s circle will involve up to five children every Friday to share their latest piece they have been working on. The student can sign up throughout the week or throughout the year when they feel that their piece of writing is revised enough to share with their classmates. Another way to make sure that students are receiving feedback from the teacher is to have specific folders for each student. This will be placed somewhere in the classroom where they can put pieces that they consider to be
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“finished”. This will serve as an opportunity for the teacher to suggest areas that could use more revision and development. There has been debate on whether one should teach strictly from the curriculum or to teach solely from the student’s needs. I feel that it is important to combine these curriculum strategies to teach writing. Michigan and national curriculum standards were set for a reason, and I think that it is necessary to recognize and use these standards to teach. At the same time though, it is important to emphasize and further teach writing skills based on the student’s needs. If the class does not understand a skill it is important to take some time to
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Pedagogy Project - Jen Possanza English 302 Professor Masko...

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