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PHY2061 R. D. Field Department of Physics chp26_1.doc University of Florida The Electric Field +Q q E The charge Q produces an electric field which in turn produces a force on the charge q . The force on q is expressed as two terms: F = K qQ/r 2 = q ( KQ/r 2 ) = q E The electric field at the point q due to Q is simply the force per unit positive charge at the point
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Unformatted text preview: q : E = F/ q E = KQ/r 2 The units of E are Newtons per Coulomb ( units = N/C ). The electric field is a physical object which can carry both momentum and energy. It is the mediator (or carrier) of the electric force. The electric field is massless. The Electric Field is a Vector Field : r E KQ r r = 2 $ Electric Field of a Point Charge...
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