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chp31_5 - PHY2061 R D Field Discharging a Capacitor After...

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PHY2061 R. D. Field Department of Physics chp31_5.doc University of Florida Discharging a Capacitor After the switch is closed the current is leaving the capacitor so that I = -dQ/dt , where Q is the charge on the capacitor and summing all the potential changes in going around the loop gives Q C IR = 0 , where I(t) and Q(t) are a function of time. If the switch is closed at t=0 then Q(0)=Q 0 and Q C R dQ dt + = 0 , which can be written in the form dQ dt Q = − 1 τ , where I have defined τ =RC . Dividing by Q and multiplying by dt and integrating gives
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