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PHY2061 R. D. Field Department of Physics chp36_1.doc University of Florida Mutual & Self Inductance Mutual Inductance ( M ): Consider two fixed coils with a varying current I 1 in coil 1 producing a magnetic field B 1 . The induced EMF in coil 2 due to B 1 is proportional to the magnetic flux through coil 2 , Φ 21 2 2 22 =⋅ = rr Bd A N coil φ , where N 2 is the number of loops in coil 2 and φ 2 is the flux through a single loop in coil 2 . However, we know that B 1 is proportional to I 1 which means that Φ 2 is proportional to I 1 . The mutual inductance M is defined to be the constant of proportionality between Φ 2 and I 1 and depends on the geometry of the situation, M I N I NM I == = = Φ Φ 2 1 1 2 1 . The induced EMF in coil 2 due to the varying current in coil 1 is given by,
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