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PHY2061 R. D. Field Department of Physics chp38_3.doc University of Florida Maxwell’s Equations ( differential form ) I. (Gauss’ Law): Integral Differential = Surface enclosed Q A d E 0 ε r r 0 ρ = E r r II. (Gauss’ Law for Magnetism): Integral Differential = Surface A d B 0 r r 0 = B r r III. (Faraday’s Law of Induction): Integral Differential Φ = Curve B dt d l d E r r t B E = × r r r IV. (Ampere’s Law): Integral Differential = Curve enclosed I l d B 0 µ r r J B r r r 0 = × 0. (Charge Conservation): Integral Differential dt dQ I = t J = r r Something Missing! Equation IV is not consistent with
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Unformatted text preview: Equation 0 since B J r r = 1 implies 1 = B J r r r r r (since Div Curl = 0) and charge conservation says that t J = r r . Hence Equation IV cannot be correct as it stands! Electric charges are a source (and sink) of E-field! No magnetic monopoles! Changing magnetic fields are a source of E-field! Current is a source of B-field! Changing charge is the source of current!...
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