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chp38_9 - PHY2061 R D Field Traveling Waves A wave is a...

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PHY2061 R. D. Field Department of Physics chp38_9.doc University of Florida Traveling Waves A °wave± is a traveling disturbance that transports energy but not matter. Constructing Traveling Waves: To construct a wave with shape y = f(x) at time t = 0 traveling to the right with speed v simply make the replacement x x vt . Traveling Harmonic Waves: Harmonic waves have the form y = A sin(kx) or y = Acos(kx) at time t = 0 , where k is the "wave number" ( k = 2 π / λ where λ is the "wave length" ) and A is the "amplitude" . To construct an harmonic wave traveling to the right with speed
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