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quark_2 - Yes L µ Muon Lepton Number Yes L τ Tau Lepton...

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PHY2061 R. D. Field Department of Physics quark_2.doc University of Florida Labeling the Particles – Quantum Numbers Elementary particles and hadrons are labeled by their quantum numbers . These labels characterize the properties of the particles. Symbol Name Additive M Mass J Spin Angular Momentum C Charge Conjugation P Parity G G-Parity B Baryon Number Yes Q em Electric Charge Q = Y/2 + Iz Q = Q weak + Q U1 Yes Q U1 U1 Charge Yes Q weak Weak Charge Yes Q color Strong Charge Y Hypercharge Y = B + S + C h + B o + T o Yes S Strangness Yes C h Charmness Yes B o Bottomness Yes T o Topness Yes I Isospin Yes I z 3 rd component of Isospin Yes L e Electron Lepton Number
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Unformatted text preview: Yes L µ Muon Lepton Number Yes L τ Tau Lepton Number Yes L Overall Lepton Number L = L e +L µ +L τ Yes Not all particles carry every label. The particles are only labeled by the quantum numbers that are conserved for that particle. • Particles with integral spin J (J = 0, 1, 2, …) are called bosons . • Particles with half-integral spin J (J = ½, 3/2, …) are called fermions . • Particles with spin-parity J P = + are refered to a scalars , -are pseudo-scalars , 1-are vectors , 1 + are pseudo-vectors , 2 + are tensors , etc. • Hadrons are labeled by I G J PC ....
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