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PHY2061 R. D. Field Department of Physics relativity_20.doc University of Florida Transformation Properties of E and B Consider two frames of reference the O-frame and the O'-frame moving at a constant velocity V , with respect to each other at let the origins coincide at t= t' = 0. Note that B has units of Tesla = N/(C m/s) and E has units of N/C so that E and cB have the same units. Lorentz Transformations: ) ( ) ( y z z z y y x x cB E E cB E E E E β γ + = = = ) ( ) ( y z z z y y x x E cB B c E cB B c cB B c = + = = Lorentz Invariants: B E r r and 2 2 2 B c E are Lorentz invariants Special Case: Suppose that
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Unformatted text preview: = B r everywhere in the O-frame . Then, in the O'-frame z z y y x x E E E E E E = = = y z z y x E B c E B c B c = = = y z z y x E B c E B c B c = = = and thus E v c B = r r r 2 1 where x V v = r . y x z y' z' x' V O : (E x ,E y ,E z ,B x ,B y ,B z ) O': (E' x ,E' y ,E' z ,B' x ,B' y ,B' z ) O O' Point P True if B = 0 in O-frame Same in all inertial frames...
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