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Academic Professional Development Folio Level A Content Knowledge Student Carla Trump ______________Seminar Instructor Joni Rosencrants Paragraph content – document description followed by why or how it meets the criteria. English Language Arts Documents or information submitted to indicate my level of knowledge in this area consist of: … a writing project I did with two 3 rd grade students. During Eng 308, I tutored two 3 rd grade girls. I primarily tutored them in reading. One girl was from Russia and one girl was from America. I read many different Russian folk tales with the girl from Russia and I read Matilda by Roald Dahl with the girl from America. Half of each session was made up of reading and half consisted of lessons. An ongoing project I did with both girls was a writing assignment called, “About my Mother”. The girls interviewed their mothers, wrote outlines, and eventually made books about their mothers. This activity was very beneficial to all of us. I learned how to take story writing and start from the bottom up. I learned to scaffold, by starting with small questions and having the girls elaborate, embellish, and polish. After a disastrous attempt at combining our sessions, I learned to hold each tutoring session separate when working on our books because I got overwhelmed trying to help them write their stories at once. The girls learned how to use their imaginations in their writing, how to compose a story, and how a book is set up. They presented their stories to the class and gave the finished, bound, project to their mothers as a gift. It was a heartwarming and valuable experience and activity for all involved! I learned a lot from this experience. I learned that it is important to model and scaffold a project to ensure less confusion and frustration. I learned that the creation of an entire story really raises students’ self-esteem. I also learned that the little things, such as binding the books my students write, makes all the difference. In my future classroom, I will make sure I do a project like this that leaves my students with a huge sense of accomplishment. I will always scaffold and model lessons to make sure that students understand and are capable of completing each step of the assignment. Science
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Folio_A_Report_Sheet - Academic Professional Development...

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