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Academic Professional Development Folio Level B Professional Courses Student Carla Trump _______ Seminar Instructor__Joni Rosencrants ______ Paragraph content – document description followed by what this indicates of your knowledge of the topic. Knowledge of Students Documents or information submitted to indicate my level of knowledge in this area consist of: …the knowledge I gained and used during my time tutoring two 3 rd grade girls in Fall 2009 and Winter 2010. Before I began tutoring these students, their teachers gave me some information about them. The girls I tutored are from very different backgrounds. One girl, who I will refer to as Emily, is from a white middle class family born and raised in Michigan. The other girl, who I will refer to as Ariana, was born and raised in Michigan by parents who are from Russia. Once I discovered this information, I was able to better cater my lessons around this. Since I tutored these students in reading, I chose books that correlated to their backgrounds. For Emily I chose Matilda by Roald Dahl. I figured since this book is about a white little girl and her adventures, Emily would really like it. She loves Junie B. Jones books so I thought this book would be a nice extension on those books. For Ariana, I chose a lot of picture books about Russian folk tales. I was very excited when Ariana looked at one of the books’ titles ( Firebird ) and was able to recall the entire story as her grandmother in Russia had told her. I knew at this moment that I chose well in my approach to teaching her. By using my knowledge of these girls’ backgrounds I was able to reach out to them and interest them. How I approached my lessons with these girls has given me insight into how I will teach my future (and current) students. By knowing the interests and background knowledge of my students I can reach out to them and interest them. If I have students who are very interested in basketball, for example, I can choose books about basketball and basketball players for reading lessons. I can offer writing assignments that relate to basketball for writing and use story problems about the sport during math. Using my students’ interests and backgrounds help to keep them interested and engaged during lessons that they otherwise would find boring. Knowledge of Resources
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This note was uploaded on 05/31/2011 for the course ED 330 taught by Professor Jonirosencrats during the Winter '11 term at Grand Valley State.

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Folio_B_Report_Sheet - Academic Professional Development...

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