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Unformatted text preview: Week 7 Biodiversity Monday 2/28 Lesson PLan Give back and review Issues, Quiz 3 Biodiversity Lab 3, and Exam 1 Do Lab 4: Identifying Adaptations in Birds Do Issues 23, 24 Homework for Wednesday 3/2 Do Issue #5 Read Lab 5: Bird ID Wildlife Activity #2 pp 137­150 (Activities Book) by Monday 3/7 Read Chapter 6 Wildlife Species and Diversity by next Monday 3/7 Wednesday 3/2 Lesson Plan Give Back#22, 23 and Lab 4: Identifying Adaptations of Birds Discuss Monday’s Lab 5: Animal Activity #2 Bird I.D. p. 137­149 VT Planet Earth: Pole to Pole Lecture Chapter 6: Wildlife Species and Diversity Do Issue #5 For Week 8: Biodiversity Read Lab 5: Animal Activity 2 : Bird Identification pp. 137­149 by Monday 3/7 We will be going to Bird Watch in Forest Preserve Monday at 8:30 am – 10:30 am at Little Red School House!!! Thursday 3/11/10 : LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE NATURE CENTER West Side 104TH Avenue (aka Willow Springs Road or Flavin Road) between 95th and 107th Streets Read Lab Activity 2 : Bird Identification pp. 137­ 149 by Thursday 3/11/10 Bring your Lab Activities Book and Dress Appropriately!!!!! Homework Due Monday 3/7 Read and Bring to class Lab 5: Bird Identification pp. 137­149 Read Chapter 6: Wildlife Species and Diversity Do Issue #6 ...
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