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Unformatted text preview: Week 9 Wildlife Biodiversity “HOOPY” DAY AFTER VERNAL EQUINOX DAY Lesson Plan Monday 3/21 Collect Little Red School House Review Sheet Discuss Summer Jobs and Info Lecture Chap 7 Habitat Conservation and Preservation VT #3 Planet Earth: Pole to Pole (Planet Earth) Issue #24 Quiz Chap 6: Wild Species and Biodiversity Homework for Wednesday 3/23 Exam 2: Animal Diversity ­ Chap 6: Wildlife and Biodiversity ­ Chap 7: Habitat Conservation and Preservation Last Day: Collect Field Museum Lab (extra credit) Wednesday 3/23/11 Lesson Plan Wednesday 3/23 Last Day Collect Field Museum Lab (extra credit) VT#4 Invaders ( Strange Days Planet Earth/ National Geographic) Exam 2: Animal Biodiversity Homework for Week 9 Read Lab #7: Water Unit Lab Activity #4 pp. 111­118 (Monday 3/28) Read Chap 10: Water (Hydrological) Cyle and Human Use( Wednesday 3/30) Do Issue #11 (Wednesday 3/30) ...
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