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Resume Worksheet 1. Contact Information:   Your name, address, phone, email. 2. Objective: The objective should showcase your professional goal, but with an emphasis on  what you bring to the employer, not what the employer can do for you.  Avoid using I, me,  my, “looking for a challenging opportunity”. 3. Education:   Complete information regarding school, location, degree and completion date.  Include industry licenses/certifications, professional designations, courses and seminars. 4. Work Experience:   List your company name, location, job title and stop/end date for  each position.  You may want to include internships or unpaid experiences.  Put these in  reverse chronological order (start with what you are doing now and go back).
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Affiliations: List professional and community memberships. Be sure to mention any leadership roles. 6. Key Skills: Do you speak a foreign language? Etc. 7. Additional Information: Optional…awards, volunteer experience, public speaking. 8. References: Ask permission! Provide at least three, professional is better than personal. These are ideas and areas to get you thinking about what you want to put on your resume. Start by writing out the main heading and listing the pertinent information underneath each, you can then go back and put in the “pretty” wording for your resume....
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