CHM102-01 Syllabus

CHM102-01 Syllabus - : Beginning January 9 daily quizzes...

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Course Syllabus CHM 102 – Sections 01 – Chemistry and Society Winter Semester 2009 Drop Deadline: March 6 Mid-term: Feb, 16 - 20 Spring Break: March 1 – March 8 Classes End: April 18 Final Exam: April 22 Instructor : Mr. Driver Class Time : Section 01: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12:00 to 12:50 Location : LMH 114 E-mail : Phone numbers : Office Hours : Textbook : Chemistry in Context: Applying Chemistry to Society , 6th Edition by Lucy Eubanks, et. al.; McGraw Hill; 2009 Objectives : To instill within the student an understanding of the basic principles of chemistry and an appreciation of some of the many ways in which chemistry is involved with people’s day-to-day existence. Grading : A: 90-100% B+: 86-89% B: 80-85% C+: 76-79% C: 70-75% D: 60-69% F: <60% Minus grades may be given in certain situations. Evaluation Criteria : There will be 4 tests, a final, and daily quizzes. Of the 4 tests, the lowest will be dropped. Homework : None
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Unformatted text preview: : Beginning January 9 daily quizzes will be given. The total quiz score will count as 2 tests. Missed quizzes cannot be made up. You will be allowed to miss 3 quizzes. Extra Credit: None. Bonus points may be given from time-to-time. Tests : There will be 4 tests, dates TBA, given on line. In each case you will be given one attempt and the test must be completed in 50 minutes. Of these 4, the lowest score will be dropped. In addition the total of the daily quiz grades will count as 2 tests. Final Exam : The final exam will be comprehensive. Attendance : Attendance is REQUIRED for this course. You will be allowed 3 cuts. Attendance will be determined by daily quizzes. There may be a time that you have to miss a class for illness or personal reasons. Try to avoid this if at all possible. If you miss a class you are still responsible for all material covered. I do not provide class notes and I do not give power point presentations....
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CHM102-01 Syllabus - : Beginning January 9 daily quizzes...

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