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BIO Lab Study Guide - 1 Metals petroleum products and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Metals, petroleum products, and chemicals may all leach into the soil from old landfills. True 2. Rocks and railroad ties are used to slow water runoff, allow infiltration, and hold the soil in place to help prevent erosion. True 3. A drain pipe running into the ravines should never be parallel to the stream as that would increase the erosion of the stream bed. False 4. Graveled pathways can be used to reduce erosion in high traffic areas. True 5. There is NO reason to leave old landfills in place. The university needs to remove all of the old junk ASAP. False 6. Perpendicular drain pipes set 8 ft. above the stream bed are at the perfect position to reduce erosion. False 7. Drain pipe velocity can be reduced by getting the pipe to stream bed position as quickly as possible. False 8. Pavement and cement increase velocity and volume per square inch of infiltration area in the rained on area. True 9. Rain gardens increase the amount of work that the grounds workers must do to maintain them, so the cost of upkeep far outweighs the value to the environment. False 10. The marshy area below hill on the golf course exaggerates the problem of dealing with the pesticide and fertilizer runoff on the golf course. False 11. Erosion of the streambed increases as height of drain pipe above stream bed increases. True 12. The retention pond behind the art building is peculiar in appearance. The purpose of the uphill drain is to increase infiltration time and redirect the water away from the ravine edge. True 13. Parking towers are too expensive to use on campus - it is cheaper to repair eroded area....
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BIO Lab Study Guide - 1 Metals petroleum products and...

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