Midterm Review for ENG 225

Midterm Review for ENG 225 - witches, led to Salem Witch...

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Midterm Review for ENG 225 5 questions out of 10 o Time Period (Puritans, Enlightenment, Romanticisim, Transcendentalism) o Genre o Writing style o Not Baysolm o Franklin, Ivring, Sigourney, Bryant, Bradstreet, Poe, Winthrop, Mather, Emerson, Thoreau Thoreau- didn’t want to pay his taxes. If you support the govt then you support the things they do “Civil Disobidience” Emerson- Poe - Length, unity of effect (aesthetic), method Irving – Satire, know his politics, Franklin – Enlightenment, Father Abraham, Satirical, point he’s making… whats the jist of his argument Poets: Bradstreet Sigourney – Slaveship, America needs to keep its promises, tea party person Bryant – Romanticism, focused on death… it’s inevitable and everybody dies, go back to nature, don’t worry about it and live a good life Mather – Demons, possession, Puritan- believed in demons and
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Unformatted text preview: witches, led to Salem Witch Trials Winthrop A Model of Christian Charity, role in the community, some people will be poor some people wont have good lives but thats their role in society. Short of a caste system. o Puritanism know about it o Transcendentalism microcosm of the soul o Enlightenment who were the influences, Locke o Probably NOT the Great Awakening reaction to the enlightenment though o Romanticism, Gothicism o America is perfect place for transcendentalism because forested and agrarian pure nature hey I think I see God Take Home o Wont need thesis. Turn question around for thesis Agenda Week of Oct 18 Hawthorne o 1276 My Kinsman o 1289 YGB o 1298 Wakefield o 1311 Ministers o 1320 Birthmark o 1332 Rappaccinis D. o 1352 (maybe)...
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Midterm Review for ENG 225 - witches, led to Salem Witch...

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