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GPY 235 Test 3 23:08 1. Of India’s more than one billion population, almost _____ million are muslim. 2. The country located immediately Northwest of India: 3. The major river of Pakistan is? 10. The country of the people of Han? 12. A former Portuguese colony, that is the newest state? 17. –Give away? 24. The direct administration of India by the British government lasted for how  long? 25. In 1947 British India was partitioned into which of the following states? 26. Which of the following regions is often called Manchiria by uninformed  foreigners? 29. The Huang He- where is it? 30. Which of the following is one of the world’s most heavily populated  agricultural areas? 33. Which of the following countries was part of British India?
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Unformatted text preview: 34. Which of the following islands was not colonized by the dutch? 49. The Gobe is associated with what Chinese region? 50. The southern most of China’s three great rivers is? 52. The genetic classification of boundaries relates the political boundary creation to what? 57. The environmental crisis that most severely threatens economic activity in the Murray Darling river basin is: 75. The ____________ revolution of the 1960’s introduced miracle varieties of wheat and rice. 78. Which of the following is the Chinese name for Tibet? 82. The leader who took over in China following the struggle after Mou Se Kum’s death? 100. Three countries located on the Malay peninsula?...
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