Social Work Notes - VERY expensive-Pharmacuticals...

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Chapter 12 Health Care Private health insurance o Covered from parent’s employment Government health care o Medicaid Need-based program Those with income below a certain level o Medicare Created to help the elderly Medical help for Emergency care o Can receive care even if you don’t have insurance o Some clinics built for this *Federal law requires NO ONE be turned away when emergency attention is needed. Rising Costs of Health Care 1. Medical technology US most advance
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Unformatted text preview: VERY expensive-Pharmacuticals Homelessness Right now the economy is a buyers market, not a sellers market. Rent or mortgage payment should take up at most 1/3 of your gross pay. The amount excess of 1/3 is what is called the gap. Builders play a part in the housing system Developers play a part also. Insurance companies Bankers 3 Issues of Struggle-Housing Standards-Housing Supply-Use of sub-cities and their distribution...
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Social Work Notes - VERY expensive-Pharmacuticals...

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