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Arabic letters sounds Letter Sound د Is like ”d” in dad, sad ذ Is like “th” in there, this and that ر Is like “r” in ruler, red ز Is like “z” in zero, zebra و Is like “w” in was, winter( BOOT, WET) ا Is like longer sound of an “a” in apple, ant ب Is like “b” in bed, rabbit ت Is like “t” in tin, ten, tool ث Is like “th” in mouth, month, teeth, three ج Is like ”j” in June ,Jim, and soft “g” in ginger ح Is like “haa” strongly aspirated from chest. خ Is like “khaa” the sound is produced by the back of the tongue س Is like “s” in snow ش Is like “sh” is shallow ص It is valorized”s” and sounds like “s” in bus, boss, sub. it
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