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Unformatted text preview: Group Ben and Mat present: Beowulf v Grendel Click to edit Master subtitle style 5/31/11 He was facing a foe whose hand­grip was harder than any other he ever had met in all 5/31/11 Grendel sought somehow to slip that grasp and escape , flee to the fens ; but his fingers were 5/31/11 No Scylding elders ever imagined that any would harm their elk­horned hall, raze what they wrought, unless flames 5/31/11 Then the young soldiers swung their old swords again and again to save their guardian, 5/31/11 Still he was soon to be stripped of his life and sent on a sore 5/31/11 The final lines… Beowulf gained glory in war; and Grendel went off bloody and bent to the boggy hills, sorrowfully seeking his dreary dwelling. 5/31/11 ...
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