Liberal arts - Garrett Johnson February 14, 2011...

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Garrett Johnson February 14, 2011 Composition 2 NFL Pro Bowl to be played week before Super Bowl I think we can all agree that the Pro Bowl has lost some of its thunder over the past couple of years. According to Cariello the ratings where down (only 8.8 million viewers in 2009), players seem disinterested in the game, and fans were furious with the effort players gave during the game. We can also agree that the NFL’s All-Star Game features the best players on the planet and should be treated as so. This event should be a fun and spectacular watch, not something that’s over looked. The NFL will have the game being played a week before the super bowl unlike the last 30 years when you had to wait 2 weeks for another football game to be played. Playing the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl generated more excitement and interest in the event and also kicked off Super Bowl week in an innovative new way (Cariello). President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hawaii Tourism Authority told Hawaii News Now he thinks playing the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl will be good for the state's number one industry. "I think it will give us a lot more exposure and a lot more excitement. It will be before the season is done. Football will still be very exciting in the American Psyche. Hawaii's exposure in the North American market will be priceless and that will be a great opportunity for us," McCartney said. According to Commissioner Roger Goodell told the AP last year that having the game precede the Super Bowl would avoid a "some what anticlimactic" ending to the season.
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Liberal arts - Garrett Johnson February 14, 2011...

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