Social and racial Stratification and how it relates to crime

Social and racial Stratification and how it relates to...

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Social and racial Stratification and how it relates to crime One of the most prominent features of social class is culture: people of the same social class tend to have similar ways of behavior; though this behavior and culture is not something fix and changes with social mobility: people who move upward or downward in their social stratification will acquire the behavior of that social group. But there is diversity inside the same social group as well. One of the important terms in American culture and literature is the concept of "Class Ascendancy": based on this concept each successive generation will have a higher standard of living than its predecessors. The social class of someone is almost directly related to crime. In society, there is a hierarchical arrangement of the level of respect given. The people that are given the most respect is highest on the scale, and the people with least is lowest on the scale. Society tends to look down areas that are below the poverty line. That idea is called social stratification. People are placed in their class by their economic strength. The people with the most economic strength are the highest on the scale. The ones with little economic strength are always at the bottom. Social Classes play a large role in how many Americans think. In these areas there is every kind of race. The most prominent number of people in poverty ridden areas are minorities. Crime is always much higher in areas that is below the poverty line. The crime is much higher in poverty ridden areas because people are more desperate. In wealthy neighborhoods crime is not that common because those people are not desperate enough to commit a crime to get what they want. In poverty ridden areas crime occurs because many of them have no other choice but to commit crimes in order to make money. Most of doesn’t value education because their society doesn’t value it. Therefore, there aren’t many jobs willing to hire them. Without any other option
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a lot of them turn to crime sadly. This is where crime and social class correlate to each other. Social classes have a large influence on crime. Another important characteristic of American social class is achieved status rather than described statues; it means that regardless of his or her original statues, one can become rich and successful and climb the social ladder. But in reality this idealistic view cannot be completely true: many people of color are still suffering the racial prejudices and as a result they cannot have the proper education and a good occupation which is perhaps the most important class
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Social and racial Stratification and how it relates to...

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