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Lab PracticalMT2_KEY - BIS103-002 (Spring 2010) Midterm #2...

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BIS103-002 (Spring 2010) Midterm #2 (May 13 th , 2010) Name ____KEY _____________________________ 1 Instructor: Inoue Student ID #_______________________________ Please check appropriate box below. This exam consists of 6 questions. All of them are in a separated single- or double-page. There are a total of 12 pages, including the cover page and one blank sheet for notes at the end. Whatever you write in the blank sheet will NOT be considered as your final answers. Write your name on top of each page. A maximum of 100 points can be earned. Partial credit may be given. However, if you give multiple answers to a question asking “ONE” answer, you will NOT get any points even if one of your answers is correct. Petitions for re-grading will be considered only if you have used permanent ink , unless an addition error has occurred. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO WRITE LEGIBLE AND LOGICAL. No extra effort will be made to decipher your handwriting and/or to interpret what you are thinking if it is not logical. I,_______________________________________, authorize the University to distribute publicly this graded exam (e.g., handed out in class or picked up at the office hours). I am aware of the fact that violations of the Academic Code of Conduct 1 may be reported to UC Davis Student Judicial Affairs. 1 Examples of academic misconduct include: receiving or providing unauthorized assistance on examinations, using unauthorized materials during an examination, altering an exam and submitting it for re-grading, or using false excuses to obtain extensions of time ( Signature________________________________________ Date____________________________ Undergraduate Student Completing Incomplete Open Campus Student Graduate Student Question Value Score 1 25 2 18 3 14 4 16 5 13 6 14 TOTAL 100
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BIS103-002 (Spring 2010) Midterm #2 (May 13 th , 2010) Name ____KEY _____________________________ 2 1. ( /25 pts) The regeneration phase of TCA cycle: succinate  oxaloacetate citrate (a) (4pts) Draw the structures of oxaloacetate and citrate in the box below. 2pts x 2 Oxaloacetate (2pts) Citrate (2pts) (b) (7pts) Below is a description of the mechanism of the reaction that yields succinate. Fill the blanks using given hints. ( 1pt x 7 ) This reaction is initiated by nucleophilic attack on (A ) of (B ) by phosphate. This results in the formation of succinyl phosphate that contains (C ). The phosphoryl group is transferred to (D ) of (E ), and succinate is released. The phosphoryl group is then transferred to (F ) to yield (G ). A. ( electrophilic atom )_ carbonyl carbon (OR thioester carbon): “carbon” is required . PART: 0.5pt for “carbonyl” or “thioester” B. ( the main substrate of this reaction )___ succinyl-CoA (OR succinyl coenzyme A) C. ( the high energy bond, as specific as possible ) carboxlic-phophoric anhydride (OR phosphoric-carboxylic anhydride) PART: 0.5 pt for “anhydride” D. ( amino acid )_ histidine (OR
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Lab PracticalMT2_KEY - BIS103-002 (Spring 2010) Midterm #2...

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