Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis - Marketing Analysis for CNN Case

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Channel Analysis There are four basic means by which new services can be distributed: (1) Television; (2) Newspapers, to which customers can have delivered to their homes or pick up in various places around the city; (3) Radio Stations, which lets customers hear news on the go as opposed to viewing it; and (4) Word of Mouth. Providing news services through television is direct distribution as well as newspapers. Radio Stations can be seen as being both direct or intermediated distribution, and word of mouth being direct distribution. Each of the abovementioned means of distribution are discussed in further detail below. Because television services allow customers to enjoy news in the comfort of their homes, the costs of maintaining and producing the channels makes this the most costly means of distribution. This method however does provide customers with fast in-depth news at the customer’s digression. Television is highly visible so it serves as a promoter for the different channels and news stations. In addition, television channels have relatively permanent placement
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Marketing Analysis - Marketing Analysis for CNN Case

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