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o If you had to write a research paper on this topic, would you use the article you selected? Explain why or why not. As we grow older our natural selection process of whom we keep in our company grows stronger. Entering adulthood our social networks decrease, but maintain our closest friends and family. Keeping strong relationships with our siblings has shown to have effects on depression. Family ties show great satisfaction and children are a main source of satisfaction for parents of all ages. Friendships are equally important as friendships offer several different types of satisfying relationships. Friendships can start out as casual and entertaining and grow to become important models in our lives. Friends help us cope with stressful situations and they provide self esteem. Friendships can also form into romantic relationships and possibly marriage. Marriage, which is one of the highest of levels of emotional commitment is the most enduring and supportive relationship. Couples whom reached late adulthood with their partners reported that they were
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