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My sentence corrections: 1. my (My) first day with University of phoenix (Phoenix) was slightly confusing. 2. Their (There) were several things I had to remember in order to my school work properly. 3. I fit my school work into my daily schedule. Correct 4. When I am having a busy and stressful week it really effects (affects) my school work. 5. I contemplate weather (whether) or not I made the right decision continuing my education online. The main points that we learned this week focused on word usage and ways to check our writing. I was already very familiar with the right and wrong way to use certain words. I also was aware of many words sounding the same but being spelled differently and having completely different meanings. I think I
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Unformatted text preview: mostly got better ideas about ways to check my work before submitting. I also provided some help to certain students that I felt needed some tips. I feel proof reading and having others read my work are a great deal of help and also found that many other students felt the same way. As far as changes I have implemented based on this week I found that slowing down and checking everything for coherence, spelling, word usage, punctuation and clarity are of the upmost of importance and must be a priority. I also implemented mandatory proofreading by myself and another person to make sure the points I am trying to make are exactly what I get across to others....
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