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Pronouns: 1. Several people have told me that they each have been saving as much money as possible. 2 . I have asked them all how much do they set aside for themselves after bills and savings. 3. Even though I still have plenty more credits waiting to be posted to me from the school, I continue to save most of what they do refund me. 4. The kids receive death benefits from their mother in which I have set up separate accounts for each of the children in order to put aside whatever I can after getting everything they need. 6. Few days go by that I am not stressed out by taking on the children; everyone gives me more advice or their thoughts and tips on everything daily. 7. After all of us spending most of the week busy
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Unformatted text preview: we went yesterday to get ourselves and the kids something special with some extra money we had. 8. We discussed how much we should set aside for their savings, some for school clothes, and whatever amount for entertainment would be decided after most was put aside for their savings. 9. We want to make sure that they have something set up for themselves for when the time comes for a new car, or college, or whatever and anything they need in the future. 10. After talking we understand how much more it can cost raising more children, either way we have to help each other out and plan everything we can....
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