Notes 4 - The Gospels Continued - A4

Notes 4 - The Gospels Continued - A4 - Gospels Continued...

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Gospels Continued Assignment 4 Notes As we look at the Gospels as a whole and individually, we will see how each writer uses the material to share his understanding of God’s activity through Jesus. While there are obvious similarities, each writer also has his own particular audience. Martin Kahler called the Gospels “passion narratives with extended introductions”. He was right in many ways. The “passion” (a term used to speak of Jesus trials, suffering, and crucifixion-resurrection) is the focal point of the evangelists. Everything before the events points toward the “passion”, and those things afterward point back to the “passion”, especially the crucifixion-resurrection. By the way, the crucifixion-resurrection is one event with two parts. Without a crucifixion, there can be no resurrection; but without the resurrection, the crucifixion is merely another death at the hands of the Romans. Yet, the crucifixion-resurrection is but one moment in salvation history. Another key moment is in the birth itself. When I have taken leadership roles in worship at Easter, we always read and reflect upon portions of the birth narratives. At Christmas, we read and reflect upon “passion narratives” as well. These serve as reminders that the nice, cuddly baby in a manger is the crucified and risen one who came to live and die for our sins. So, even though the epistles of Paul precede the written Gospels, we will begin with the foundation for Paul’s preaching, and the preaching of the church – Gospel. Though Matthew appears first in the order of NT books, Mark was the first gospel written. I realize that such persons as William Farmer and Hans Herbert Stoldt have raised questions about Markan priority, most scholars agree that Mark was written first between about CE 65-70. Mark is produced from Nero’s Rome and is written for Christians being
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Notes 4 - The Gospels Continued - A4 - Gospels Continued...

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