Notes 5 - The Gospels - Matthew Luke John - A4

Notes 5 - The Gospels - Matthew Luke John - A4 - The...

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The Gospels: Matthew-John – Notes As we continue, there are a few things I wish to cover about Matthew, Luke, and John, similar to what we said about Mark. Matthew was probably written between CE 80-85. The author seems to be writing primarily for a Jewish/ Jewish Christian audience. He seeks to affirm Jesus as the royal messiah of the OT. He also proclaims the church as the “New Israel”, and was used by many in the church as a manual. The miraculous is magnified more in Matthew than in Mark. It was the most widely used of the Gospels, which is one reason that it was placed first in the NT. There are many evidences of the author’s Jewishness and his audience. He begins with a genealogy from Abraham to David to Jesus. Many things he records contain allusions to OT prophecy. There is an emphasis on the lineage of David. The birth narrative is filled with allusions to prophecies about virgin birth, a return from Egypt, lamentation over “Rachel’s children”, and other items. Matthew also shows a fondness for the use of numbers, especially the use of things in three’s (a significant number in Hebrew numerology). Some of these references include: 1. 3 divisions of the genealogy 2. 3 incidents in Jesus’ childhood 3. 3 temptations 4. 3 illustrations of righteousness (6:1-18) 5. 3 prohibitions (6:19-7:16) 6. 3 commands (7:7-20) 7. 3 healing miracles (8:1-15) 8. 3 miracles of power (8:23-9:8) 9. 3 miracles of restoration (9: 14-17) 10. a 3-fold “fear not” statement (10: 26,28,31) 11. 3 sayings about the little ones (18:6, 10, 14) 12. 3 questions (22:15-40) 13. 3 parables of warning (24:43-25:30) 14. Jesus prays 3 times in Gethsemane 15. Peter denies Jesus 3 times 16. Pilate asks 3 questions of Jesus Matthew also contains the most highly concentrated ethical and moral teaching in the
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Notes 5 - The Gospels - Matthew Luke John - A4 - The...

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