Notes 13 - Outline Acts-Revelation

Notes 13 - Outline Acts-Revelation - Possible choosing of...

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This is an outline for what we will cover the rest of the term. This isn’t everything, but just a general outline of where we are going. Characteristics of early Christian kergyma (proclamation, preaching) 1) Announcement and demonstration of fulfilled scripture 2) Crucifixion-Resurrection becomes a focal point 3) Focus on the historical person of Jesus 4) Announcement of the coming of the Holy Spirit 5) Call to repent and be converted Characteristics of the lifestyle of the church (Acts 2:42) 1) Devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching 2) Fellowship 3) Breaking of bread 4) Intercessory prayer 5) Acts 6- Dispute between Hebrew and Hellenistic Christians over the care of widows and orphans.
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Unformatted text preview: Possible choosing of first “deacons.” Good reputation, full of the Spirit, full of wisdom- qualities of these. 6) Acts 7, 9, 10 Typical divisions of Paul’s letters 1) Opening- Sender, addressee, greeting 2) Thanksgiving- except Galatians 3) Body- Theology, travel plans, answers specific questions 4) Paranesis- Moral and practical instruction 5) Closing- Benediction, sometimes a P.S. Undisputed Pauline letters: 1&2 Thessalonians 1&2 Corinthians (canonical) Romans Galatians Philippians Colossians Philemon Possible Deutero-Pauline letters: Ephesians 1&2 Timothy Titus...
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