Notes 14 - Book of Acts - A9

Notes 14 - Book of Acts - A9 - Book of Acts The second...

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Book of Acts The second volume of Luke’s two volume work is the book of Acts- a book that traces the early development of the church. Acts is written to the same one as was Luke- Theophilus (friend of God). We will briefly view several important incidents that set the stage for the spreading of the church. As Acts opens, Jesus and about 120-130 followers are on the mountain at his ascension. The disciples have been around Jesus for 40 days after the crucifixion/resurrection. Yet, they are still wondering about Jesus’ messiah-ship. They ask if he will “restore the kingdom at this time to Israel.” As the disciples want an earthly kingdom, Jesus tells them that they are not to worry about when God will bring the Kingdom. They are to be his witnesses in “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth.” This commission is the same one that Jesus gives to all his followers, even today. These areas represent the following: Jerusalem- your hometown, neighborhood, your home Judea- your region, county, state, nation Samaria- people that you do not like, or with whom you disagree The ends of the Earth- all person everywhere After this commission, Jesus tell them that the Holy Spirit will come upon them, and they will know what to do. He ascends, and they go back to the upper room in Jerusalem, where the disciples had shared the last Passover with Jesus. As they wait for days, the followers decide to replace Judas among the Twelve. The ultimate criterion for the replacement is that he must have been an eyewitness from the
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Notes 14 - Book of Acts - A9 - Book of Acts The second...

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