Notes 20 - Apocalypse cont. - Will be on final exam

Notes 20 - Apocalypse cont. - Will be on final exam -...

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Apocalypse cont. As we have mentioned earlier, apocalyptic literature uses a variety of code words and descriptions to relate the underlying message of hope. We will not be able to deal with a whole lot more of the Apocalypse. In fact, one could easily spend an entire semester just dealing with the book of Revelation. Yet, we will look at some key passages in Revelation 20-22. Many people get caught up in ideas of the millennium (Rev 20:1-10). The term “millennium” means 1,000 years. Christians see it as the 1,000-year reign of Christ when Satan is bound and martyred. Christians reign with Christ before the final battle with Satan and the final judgment. Though there are actually only 3 verses that mention the millennium, these are the subject of many ramblings by Christian writers. There are three major Christian interpretations of the millennium. Premillenialists teach that Christ will come to Earth before the 1,000 years and reign. This is a literal time between the second coming and the final judgment. Postmillenialists state that the 1,000 year reign is a literal time in history BEFORE the second coming of Christ. During this time, the Gospel will be preached and well received. Christ’s second coming will end the millennium. Amillenialists see the millennium as symbolic. It is often seen as a literary device that symbolizes the
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Notes 20 - Apocalypse cont. - Will be on final exam -...

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