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hca240 week 6 day 3 kidney - of a low volume of urine which...

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Paula Rodriguez 5/18/2011 University Of Phoenix Hca240 Kidney Failure checkpoint Scenario 1:   1. Normally the kidney regulates its own blood flow and GFR. When the kidneys become hypo perfused, such as in hypovolemia, shock, heart failure, or narrowing of renal arteries, vessels in the kidney dilate with the half of prostaglandins to facilitate flow. If this auto regulation of blood flow fails, the GFR can be maintained by selective constriction of post-glomerular (efferent) arteriole by the release of rennin and generation of angiotensin II. Continued hypo perfusion of the kidneys may lead to failure of these compensatory mechanisms and an acute decline in GFR. Renal tubules become hyper functional and reabsorption of sodium and water is increased, through the influence of angiogenesis, aldosterone and vasopressin. This leads to the formation
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Unformatted text preview: of a low volume of urine which is concentrated. 2. Acute renal failure does not produce a classic set of symptoms. The most common symptom is decreased urine output, which occurs in 70% of patients. Other signs and symptoms could be those due to toxicity, shock or hypovolemia, such as fever and dizziness. 3. Ms. Jones is experiencing acute tubular necrosis (ATN). It is a real cause of ARF. Basically tubular cells in the tubule of the kidney are dying. 4. Treatment is supportive and aimed at restoring urine output. Supportive treatment includes fluid resuscitation, treating metabolic consequences such as hyperkalemia and metabolic acidosis. Extreme cases may require dialysis or hem filtration. Some literature supports the use of NSAIDS of diuretics such as furosemide. However, these have not been shown to increase kidney functions....
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