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Classification Essay Since learning how to drive I have realized that there are three types of drivers in the world: capable, overcautious and irresponsible. Capable drivers are the best drivers that there are. They obey all the road rules known, these are the drivers that you know actually earned their license. They always seem to remember to use their turn signals, look both ways and coming to complete stops. Also they never seem to go over the speed limit excessively. These types of drivers are the courteous ones that allow pedestrians to cross, even though it is the law not everyone does it. Stopping at a red light is a plus especially when other drivers try to speed through the yellow light. Those are superior examples of a capable driver. Secondly we have the overcautious driver. These are the ones that always have their foot on the brake pedal, causing other drivers to become frustrated and impatient.
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Unformatted text preview: For some reason they seem to drive at least ten miles less than the actual speed limit. Their turn signal is always on and they are never going to turn. They seem to always need an updated eye prescription because they never see when the light changes to green until someone honks their horn at them. But those irresponsible drivers are the ones we need to worry about the most. They never use their mirrors to switch lanes, neither do they indicate to turn a corner. But their favorite thing to do is to weave in and out of traffic as if they dont see anyone else on the road. Squeezing between two large objects makes it look as if they automatically shrunk the vehicle just to get by. All drivers fall into one of the three categories listed above. The funny thing about it is that most drivers would say that they are the best drivers known to man....
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